a makeup experience that is

better than Youtube!


Beauty for Us University™ is the number 1

online makeup school for everyday black women to learn how to do their own makeup with confidence!


Take a look at this before picture.

These are most common makeup struggles for women of color.


Most times, new students identify with one of 2 descriptions listed below.

  • Is your makeup routine outdated? Do you feel insecure about your makeup before leaving home?

  • Are you a super newbie? You don't even know where to start.

The look you see on social media and Youtube has a few more steps, some product you've probably never heard of, and some makeup concepts you're still confused about.


You still don't know how to match your shade, whether to use a sponge or brush, or what eyeshadow colors go together!


That's ok! No judgement!

I am here for you!

​This is the look you want!

With my help, makeup will feel easier!

As a student of Beauty for Us University™, you will work closely with me to...

  • Choose products for your skin complexion

  • Understand the makeup techniques to keep your makeup lasting all day

  • Learn how to to highlight and contour your face with confidence

  • Cover your dark circles and blemishes without looking caky!

You too can have a smooth, polished look that will make your boo say ooo wee! (in a good way lol)

"I thought I could get away with just doing my eyes..."

Susan Holloway, BU Student

How does BU work?

Once you enroll, you will receive 24/7 access to your on-demand, virtual portal of makeup trainings that shows you what to know, do, and buy 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc to minimize confusion.


Learn at your own pace inside your 24/7, on-demand training portal. I take you step-by-step so that makeup makes sense.

S H O W  U P

Attend your LIVE coaching session(s) each month for hands-on training, personal feedback and demonstrations.


When you practice, you will naturally have questions. In between your LIVE sessions, as you learn inside your on-demand portal, ask questions so you can get the feedback and results you want.

As a BU Student, you will...

• create your signature skincare routine so your makeup will look smooth and lay flawless


• build your brown-girl friendly makeup bag so you won’t waste money on products that don’t work


• master your confident polished look for everyday wear and special occasions so you can be prepared for life’s candid moments (even when you're short on time!

How long is the BU program?

Most students get better at their makeup in their first 30 days!

  • keep your makeup lasting longer

    Learn how to use the correct powders (that won't leave you cakey) so that you won't have to constantly check the mirror worrying about looking shiny in your meeting or on your date.

  • cover your blemishes and dark under eye circles

    Learn the my smooth application techniques that will keep your dark undereye circle and blemishes from ashowing through your foundation. You would look more awake and youthful.

  • walk the beauty aisle with confidence

    Learn exactly what brown-girl friendly products to look for in the store on your own. You would no longer depend on the consultant to choose your products. 

  • love your makeup before leaving home

    Learn how to coordinate your makeup with your outfit. You would no longer shy away from selfies with your friends at brunch or even on a hot date.

  • look snatched at the last minute (even on vacation)

    Learn how to do your makeup in just 15 minutes! Wow! No more declining sporadic outings with the crew because you don't know how to pull your look together. And, you can even look good in pictures on vacation.

  • go live and feel comfortable because you look the part

    Learn how to look flawless on camera. No more shrinking and self-sabotaging because you feel you look tired. Attract more viewers by looking the part!

"This is the best experience ever!"

Aneisha Scott, BU Student

"You are your greatest investment." -Oprah

NOTE: You can cancel at anytime.

"I've taken 1 on 1 lessons before but this tops the cake!"

-Deidre E.

How is this better than Youtube?

You can start learning right now, here today!

You're just one click away from unlocking your next level of confidence!

Step 1, Step 2, (insert details here), Step 3...

I'm breaking this thing ALL the WAY down! You will learn in chronological order so that makeup finally makes sense.


No more learning only WHAT to do. You need to learn WHY to do so that you can be self-sufficient.

You're not just watching videos. You work with me LIVE online so that we can practice together.


That way, I can slow you down if I see you headed in the wrong direction!

(I got you!)

Support, Answers, Feedback!

You have access to my 10 years of artistry experience serving your melanated skin concerns.

Get your questions answered quicker than you would under YT comments.

Plus, I will give you my pro tips and secrets!

"The sisterhood was just as valuable as the lessons"

Terrica L. - BU Student

Become a BU Student!

When you invest in learning how to do your makeup, you're investing in your confidence. How you show up in this world makes a difference in your well-being and how you love yourself. Plus, you deserve to look good!

  • Makeup Bag Product Help

    Clarity of products and tools inside your makeup bag needed for flawless applications

  • Flawless Application + Skills

    Proven techniques for skin and product analysis created to minimize confusion and accelerate success in applying your makeup quickly. Acquiring the skill to show up with confidence and leave a lasting impression.

  • Hands-On Help

    Opportunities to receive personalized makeup help from the comfort of home.


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